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Testimonials from Clients

I was planning to propose to my fiance in April.  Unfortunately Coronavirus has now changed our finances and livestyle for the foreseeable future.  I contacted JoL and Joy helped me find an affordable ring that allowed me to surprise my Fiance anyway.  I am deeply grateful and am a lifetime loyal customer now.  Thank you so much.

Brian Butler

I was hesitant to tell our story but my fiance has convinced me it may help others.  Coronavirus has changed my life.  I was forced to return a ring from a "box store" due to our fiances.   My fiance came across this shop and we bought a very similar bridal set at almost half the cost.  We can't believe our good fortune.

Shaun Rodriquez, Las Vegas, NV

I have to say I had a "sparkling" experience with Joy of London Jewels.  They worked with me to pick out just the right ring and even helped me with a creative proposal event.  My Fiance is now exceited to work with Joy on all her wedding jewelry needs.  Thank so much!

William Reynolds, Miami, FL USA

I live in Singapore and Joy of London Jewels ships to me almost each week.  They are helpful, fun and quick!  I love all the new arrivals each day!  I wake up each day and can't wait to visit. 

Susan Hu

I have shopped with Joy for almost 8 years now.  She will go to the ends of the earth for you.  In a "Amazon" world, the personal and professional experience is worth it's weight in diamonds! 

Sunderland DuPont, NY, NY, USA

My Fiance and I are struggling with college loans and a mined diamond wasn't in our budget, for now.  Joy had so many options for us and we found the best ring.  I am a fan for life.  Thank you!

Mark Wells

I lost my engagement on my honeymoon:(   My husband and I saved up for a year to buy it.  We were devastated.  I saw Joy of London Jewels on Pinterest and contacted her. She made another ring for us at a fraction of the cost.

Britney S., Rome, Italy

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For over 4000 years, pearls have been the prized possession of royalty, celebrity and women just like you.  Pearls are also the November birthstone. 

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