Diamond Shapes & Cut: What You Should Know!

The various damond shapes in order of popularity:

  1. Round Brilliant CutTimeless, classy, traditional: The most popular round diamond has 58 facets and sets the standard for brilliance and beauty.
  2. Princess Cut: Dainty, feminine and contemporary:  Stylish and delicate, the princess cut is perfect for the trendy girl.  It features an intense sparkle and looks perfect in every setting.
  3. Cushion Cut: soft, classic romantic: A "pillow" cut features softly rounded edges for a more romantic look.  Ut is becoming the most popular shape.
  4. Oval Cut: modern bold slenderizing: Oval diamonds are great for those who want to stand out.  They appear larger than round diamonds and make a woman's finger look longer.
  5. Emerald Cut: art deco, sophisticated, glam: The ultimate vintage cut.
  6. Asscher Cut: modern vintage, dramatic, elegant:  The 21st update to the emerald cut is square shaped and more sparkly. 
  7. Radiant Cut: unique, complex, daring: Combining the best of the least cut it offers a more fierce sparkle. The cropped corners make it more practical for the active women than the square.
  8. Marquise Cut: showy, unique, elogating: The marquise cut appears as the largest cut of all.  Flattering on short fingers.
  9. Pear Cut: elegant, delicate flirty: Teardrop is a cross between the round and marquise. 
  10. Heart Cut: romantic, sweet, sentimental: The only choice for serious romantics. 

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