Millennials Reveal Interesting Jewelry Attitudes

A new study by MVI Marketing, “The Luxury Growth Demographic of Opportunity,” surveyed 1,001 female respondents aged 25–40 (millennials) with a household income $75,000 or higher about their brand and buying predilections when it comes to jewelry, shoes, and hotels.

Here’s what the study found for the jewelry category:

  1. They purchase jewelry for themselves. 
  2. Lab-grown diamonds are very desirable.   A push further away from conflict and damaging earth-mined options.  
  3. White Gold is most popular, Silver & Platinum are next and Rose and Yellow Gold follow. 
  4. Diamond jewelry was the highest ranked style of jewelry, followed by jewelry with colored stones, platinum with diamonds, silver with diamonds, and white gold with colored gems or diamonds.
  5. Trends push out from Los Angeles and New York City.


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