Sophisticated & Rare Grey Diamonds - the Hottest Trend of 2018

Trends show more soonlyweds are embracing colorful gemstones and less traditional engagement jewelry, which is why we think gray (or grey) diamonds are going to be the next big thing. 

It's been secretly growing momentum over the last few years.  Joy of London Jewels has been getting requests for the grey diamond.  Grey diamonds, naturally mined,  are much more rare than yellow of blue diamonds.  So far, the demand has kept the prices at par with the colorless diamonds.  So, for now, the gray diamonds are a great investment. 

Many people haven't seen the gray diamonds in person and they are definately swoonworthy.  They have a natural sophistication and look stunning in all the metal colors.  My favorite is the rose gold with the grey.  Grey diamonds also look perfect with all skin tones and any outfit. We will be carrying them in the natural mined and lab grown form. 

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