Travel Jewelry - Now Packing Essentials

Travel jewelry has changed over the past years.  We sold the occasional pieces for the frequent traveler who lost items over the years.  One saddened with trips ruined by lost and irreplaceable pieces, it's easy to see why travel jewelry is in vogue.

For years, we have responded to the client who has returned from trips with lost engagement or wedding pieces, looking for a temporary stand- in or has decided the replacement is too pricey at this point. 

This continual situation encouraged us to research the question, how often jewelry is lost while traveling?  Insurance companies who insure jewelry keep statistics.  So, we contacted several and asked.  We were shocked to find out that 80% of women bring sentimental jewelry with them while traveling and 25% of them lost at least one piece.

There are many ways to travel and try to keep your valuables safe.  But we have experienced through many of our clients a new and fun idea of planning for travel jewelry as you would planning your travels.  

Many women come visit us right after a trip has been planned.  They look for everything from an "upgrade" size diamond to have fun with or something just different to change things up a bit. The men in their lives are usually supportive too as loosing something valuable is a hassle for the whole family.

So, take some time to consider some fun and new jewelry to go along with your new and exciting travels!  We are here to help and love planning with you! 


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