The Future of Engagement Ring Shopping is Online

Women often spend a portion of their entire lives envisioning their perfect diamond ring, but proposals are traditionally a surprise, meaning that the ring recipient sometimes has little-to-no involvement in purchasing of that special ring. As a result, engagement ring retail has historically been geared towards men, but things are starting to change and veer towards the modern, which is the woman or couple. 

According to a study at The Knot, only one in three engagements are a surprise; likewise, one in three couples shop for the ring together. More people are shopping for rings online as well: 18 percent, versus 10 percent the previous year. This number is increasing as time is precious and online resources are vast and fabulous.  Joy of London Jewels sees many men and women choosing their rings together and then each one will come back separately to purchase.  

Direct-to-consumer is a trend most likely to stay and no doubt the millennial will find a way to make it their own.  

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