Men's Titanium Black Carbon Wedding Ring

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  • Beautiful Black Carbon Fiber Inlaid Black Titanium Band Ring
  • Comfort Fit - Contoured on the inside for a comfortable fit
  • Absolutely Guaranteed Titanium 
  • Polished Titanium Finish

  • Sizes 9-14
  • Ships 1-4 business days
  • Fast and free shipping USA



About Titanium
  • Named after the "Titans" of Greek mythology for its extreme strength
  • It is an element with the atomic number of 22, the symbol is Ti
  • It is inert and completely corrosian resistant, titanium will not rust, corrode or ever tarnish.
  • 100% Hypoallergenic, you will not be allergic to titanium.
  • Stronger than steel but 42% lighter, it is only slightly heavier than aluminum.
  • Has the highest ratio of strength and density of all metallic materials.
  • 85% of the space shuttle's structure is made of titanium.

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