3.75 Carat 14K Solid White Gold Necklace Blue Topaz Peridot

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Brilliant blue and gorgeous green flow together smoothly in this sleek 14k white gold necklace with blue topaz and peridot. These two colors combine beautifully on this stylish necklace. One pear shaped 1.75 carat blue topaz is placed delicately on The beautiful and elegant chain made of white gold. Two chains are suspended from the stunning stone, one holding a briolette shaped one carat blue topaz gem, and the other balancing a one carat briolette peridot. This necklace is a unique piece that looks exquisite on any woman who wears it. Product Details:
Item Information
Metal: 14K. Solid Gold
Item Weight: 1.90 gr.
1 Pear shape, 9X6 mm, Blue Topaz = 1.75 ct
1 Briolette shape, 6X4 mm, Blue Topaz = 1.00 ct
1 Briolette shape, 6X4 mm, Peridot = 1.00 ct

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