Vintage 14K Black Gold Earth Mined 1.50CT Round Brilliant Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring

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This unique solitaire engagement ring sports an intricate vintage-inspired design and features a fancy-black diamond that weighs 1.50ct. The ring is made out of 14k black gold. Other metals are also available.

Product Description

Our fancy engagement ring made with a rose-cut pear-shape black diamond and accented with fine black diamonds and red rubies. The ring features a halo around the center diamond set with vivid red rubies. The ring is available in all precious metals.

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  • Sizes: 3-10 (half & quarter sizing available)
  • 14K black, rose, yellow & white gold (18K available, message us for pricing)

Product Details

Center Stone:
 Fancy Black Diamond
Center Stone:
6.9mm, 1.5CT
Round Brilliant
14K Black Gold
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      What Are Black Diamonds and What Makes Our Diamonds Exceptional?

      Also known as Carbonados, natural black diamonds are only found in the Central African Republic and Brazil. Diamonds predate the dinosaurs, and some black diamond deposits are over three billion years old!

      An "enhanced" black diamond is a natural diamond that is treated with radiation to obtain a uniform black color. These stones are of a much better quality than a Carbonado diamond because of the nature of their inclusions and the strength of these stones.

      A natural black diamond is a polycrystalline, which means it is made up of more than one variously oriented crystals. Black diamonds are different from other diamonds in that they are more porous and have high luminescence. These diamonds are the rarest and most difficult to cut because they can have a pitted surface.

      Color-enhanced black diamonds are normally very included and have a large number of surface imperfections. However, our diamonds are superior because we painstakingly hand-pick them, choosing a few stones out of hundreds, to make sure they can be set in fine jewelry. Our stones are guaranteed to be the highest quality, which is a rarity in today's market.

      Black diamonds are an unusual, beautiful and affordable alternative to traditional white diamonds. These diamonds reflect the incredible craftsmanship of skilled jewelers. When set with contrasting gems and diamonds, the dark color of these stones brings out the beauty of our jewelry pieces. Growing in popularity, our black diamonds are elegant, unique, and ready to adorn your favorite piece of fine jewelry!

      Vintage 14K Black Gold Earth Mined 1.50CT Round Brilliant Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring - Joy of London Jewels
      Vintage 14K Black Gold Earth Mined 1.50CT Round Brilliant Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring - Joy of London Jewels

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