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 During this diffcult time the world is experiencing I found myself thinking of birds and the symbol of them.  The bird represents freedom; it walks on the earth like humans and still has the ability to soar into the unknown.

During so much social isolation, surprise someone you are thinking of by sending this humingbird necklace.  We will include a card with a message from you complementary.  Leave the message in the "note" section at checkout.

The symbol of wings carries a subtle but powerful message. Wings are the means by which something is lifted, and is therefore a symbol of liberation and ascent, being carried from one place to another, usually from earth to heaven. It's a sign of divine grace & a blessing. As ever, the context is significant; the repeated theme of wings in the film Castaway with Tom Hanks is one that could have been overlooked but each time the wings appeared, there was a feeling of hope and aspiration. And to 'wing it' or to come in on a 'wing and a prayer' indicates a kind of faith and hope in the benevolent nature of the universe.  Wings are also a sign of protection, as to be taken under one's wings. That makes this ring a perfect promise or engagement ring. Being in such a position of strength where you are capable of looking after others is a status that must be earned. 

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  • Russian Lab Pave Diamonds


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2TCW Russian Lab Diamond Wing of Hope Ring - Joy of London Jewels
2TCW Russian Lab Diamond Wing of Hope Ring - Joy of London Jewels