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During this difficult time the world is experiencing, I found myself thinking of birds and what they symbolize.  The bird represents freedom; it walks on the earth like humans and still has the ability to soar up into the unknown.

The symbol of wings carries a subtle but powerful message. Wings are the means by which something is lifted, and is therefore a symbol of liberation and ascent, being carried from one place to another, usually from earth to heaven. It's a sign of divine grace & a blessing. As ever, the context is significant; the repeated theme of wings in the film Castaway with Tom Hanks is one that could have been overlooked but each time the wings appeared, there was a feeling of hope and aspiration. And to 'wing it' or to come in on a 'wing and a prayer' indicates a kind of faith and hope in the benevolent nature of the universe.  Wings are also a sign of protection, as to be taken under one's wings. That makes this ring a perfect promise or engagement ring. Being in such a position of strength where you are capable of looking after others is a status that must be earned. 

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