A 1CT Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Halo Bridal Set

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A 1CT Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Halo Bridal Set.  The ring can be made in 10K or 14K, message us for pricing and time frame. 

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Moissanite is a diamond made of silicon carbide.  It is very difficult to tell apart a diamond & moissanite, making moissanite a common diamond alternative.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver/Platinum
Plating: High Polished
Center Stone Type: Moissanite (silicon carbide)
Width: 4.5mm set
Stone Size(approx): 6.5mm (1CT) + .1.05TCW moissanite accents

Stone Cuttings: Round Brilliant Cut 

Sizes: 4.5-9 (sizes 8-9 = 30 days )

Moissanite was originally discovered in a meteor crater in 1893 by scientist Henri Moissan. He mistakenly believed the crystals he found were diamonds. Naturally occurring moissanite is extremely rare. Because of this, most of the moissanite on the market is lab grown. It can take 2-3 months to create a single moissanite stone in a lab.

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