A Museum Perfect 3.1CT Russian Lab Diamond Mermaid Engagement Promise – Joy of London
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A Museum Perfect 3.1CT Russian Lab Diamond Mermaid Engagement Promise Wedding Ring - Joy of London Jewels

A Museum Perfect 3.1CT Russian Lab Diamond Mermaid Engagement Promise Wedding Ring

$ 239.00

An amazing piece of Museum Art!  A Perfect 3.1CT Round Cut Russian lab Diamond Mermaid Motif Sterling Silver Engagement Ring 

Engagement, promise and wedding rings are blooming right now with amazing details straight from the sea. 
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Main Stone: 3.1CT Russian lab Diamond + 1CT Accent stones
Clarity: D
Cut: Excellent
Metal:  925 Sterling Silver (see care below)/Platinum

Russian lab diamonds are grown by a proprietary process that recreates the miracle of nature. Like mined diamonds, our grown diamonds are faceted and polished by highly skilled diamond cutters,  then fashioned into elegant jewelry to be cherished for generations. 


Diamonds have long been among the greatest natural treasures unearthed by mankind. Their durability, beauty, and brilliance are evidence of the miracles produced by thousands of years of geological movements and processes. And yet the efforts required to bring these treasures forth from the earth have had a detrimental impact on our environment.

The spirit of sustainability is one in which mankind coexists harmoniously with our planet, never tipping the balance between that which we need to survive, and the renewable resources which we give back to the earth. Russian lab diamonds are produced using advanced technology which allows for the creation of these treasures without a negative environmental impact, which is something you can be proud to wear.


When you hold a grown diamond, you hold a beautiful, durable gem made possible by dedicated and brilliant scientists. What you do not hold is a product that has come from a once vibrant habitat, or which required the damaging excavation of open pit mining.


Each Diamond is grown in a controlled, safe, and pristine laboratory, guaranteed free of any conflict zones worldwide.


Russian Lab Diamonds are held to the highest standards in quality and value. They offer all of the beauty, brilliance and scintillation of mined diamonds, and when compared to stones of equal color, cut, clarity and carat weight, provide you with significant savings, so you will never have to choose between quality and conscience.
925 Sterling Silver Care

Silver is an incredibly precious, shiny and desirable metal. Wearing that special piece of sterling silver jewelry is a joy, except for one small, inevitable thing - tarnish.

Certainly, part of the natural charm of silver, is that over time it will change appearance and develop a beautiful patina but when that discolouration becomes an unsightly yellow or eventually a purple-black coating, it makes it very difficult to appreciate the beauty beneath.


Tarnish occurs as a result of silver reacting with Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) in the air.  The speed at which your sterling silver will tarnish depends on many things, eg. the area that you live (humidity, near pollution, volcanoes etc.), the pH levels of your skin, chemicals you are exposed to, the type of water in your area (eg. bore water will add to tarnish), how your silver is stored and even the food you eat!

The only practical solution is to learn which substances accelerate tarnish and to try and limit the exposure your silver jewellery has to them.

Sterling silver should avoid contact with the following:
- Hair dyes
- Swimming (chlorinated and salt water)
- Exercise (sweating)
- Cigarette smoke
- Some paints
- Detergents containing phosphates
- Body lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, sunscreens, oils
- Foods including onion, egg yolk, mustard, salt, vinegar, salad dressings and olives

Things like turpentine, nail polish remover (containing acetone), bleach, ammonia and alcohol will not only breakdown the silver in your jewelry, possibly damaging it beyond repair, they may also cause pitting to your gemstones.


  1. Keep your ring in the gift box at night
  2. Use silver cleaning solutions

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