A Perfect 1CT Pear Cut Russian Lab Diamond Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

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A perfect 1CT pear cut or teardrop Russian lab diamond halo split shank engagement ring.  This one has perfect color and has a protective prong at the tip.  
Pear cut or teardrop diamonds date back to 1458 and are a hybrid of the marquise and round cuts.  They add length to fingers and give an elegant appearance.  
  • 1CT Pear Cut + 1.3TCW Accented Band
  • Sterling Silver/Platinum
  • Band 2.3mm
  • 4 prong setting
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  • Gift Box
  • Sizes 4-9
  • Ships 1-4 business days

Russian lab diamonds are grown by a proprietary process that recreates the miracle of nature. Like mined diamonds, our grown diamonds are faceted and polished by highly skilled diamond cutters, then fashioned into elegant jewelry to be cherished for generations. 


How to wear a pear shaped ring?

I’m often asked that what should be the direction of pointed end of the pear-shaped diamond while wearing the ring, i.e. whether pointed end should be towards finger nail or towards knuckles.

My answer is, there is no written rule. Wear it the way it suits your hand the most. However, it is generally believed that wearing the ring with pointed end towards the fingernail gives a slimmer look to finger. So, it’s your choice that whether you want a slim look or just love the ring any way you wear it.

SUSTAINABILITY  Diamonds have long been among the greatest natural treasures unearthed by mankind. Their durability, beauty, and brilliance are evidence of the miracles produced by thousands of years of geological movements and processes. And yet the efforts required to bring these treasures forth from the earth have had a detrimental impact on our environment.

The spirit of sustainability is one in which mankind coexists harmoniously with our planet, never tipping the balance between that which we need to survive, and the renewable resources which we give back to the earth. Russian lab diamonds are produced using advanced technology which allows for the creation of these treasures without a negative environmental impact, which is something you can be proud to wear.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY    When you hold a grown diamond, you hold a beautiful, durable gem made possible by dedicated and brilliant scientists. What you do not hold is a product that has come from a once vibrant habitat, or which required the damaging excavation of open pit mining.

CONFLICT FREE   Each Diamond is grown in a controlled, safe, and pristine laboratory, guaranteed free of any conflict zones worldwide.

GUILT FREE   Russian Lab Diamonds are held to the highest standards in quality and value. They offer all of the beauty, brilliance and scintillation of mined diamonds, and when compared to stones of equal color, cut, clarity and carat weight, provide you with significant savings, so you will never have to choose between quality and conscience.

A perfect ring 


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