Celebrity Inspired Cluster Diamond Eternity Ring

$ 125.00

Gorgeous Eternity Diamond Cluster Ring

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring, is also called an infinity ring,  is a ring most often worn by women – although men’s eternity rings are also becoming very popular. It has a precious metal band (this one is platinum), usually made from gold or platinum. This is called a  “full eternity ring”, which has diamonds that go all around the ring’s band in a continuous line. 

Eternity rings are usually given at special times in a relationship. A wedding day, an anniversary or the birth of a first child are perfect times to gift one of these rings to a beloved person. They can also mark big birthdays or big celebrations. Eternity rings immortalise love and act as reminders of cherished moments in a couple’s life together.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver/Platinum
  • Plating: Platinum (no tarnishing)
  • Center Stone Type: Moissonite (won't cloud or fade)
  • Center Stone Color: D
  • Sizes 6-8  (Buy 1 size up from your normal size) 


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