Vintage Japanese 10mm Akoya Black Cultured Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Anniversary Wedding or Birthday Bridal Set

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The June Birthstone are pearls.

Originally coming from Japan, Akoya pearls are known as the “classic pearls” and provide a very elegant look. Akoya pearls are extremely flattering pieces for almost any skin tone. Japanese Akoya pearls, also referred to as saltwater pearls, are known for their classic colors and very high levels of luster. Known as the "icon" of cultured pearls, Akoya pearls have graced the necks, ears, fingers, and wrists of women for decades. These Akoya pearls are from the salt waters of Japan, grown in the Pinctada fucata oyster. Creating pearls is a fascinating process that requires much time and dedication. The oyster bed is a natural habitat that must be painstakingly nurtured before a pearl can even be conceived. The cultivation process begins with a core. In natural pearls, this is simply a fragment of shell, fishbone or sand that floats into the shell of pearl oyster.

Historically, the ancient Greeks wore pearls at their wedding ceremonies, believing they would ensure marital bliss. This time-honored custom lives on today, with brides of many cultures wearing pearls to enhance their beauty and symbolize the purity of their love.

Condition: Vintage
Material: salt water pearl
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
Main Color: Black
Beads Size:10mm
Necklace Length: 18"

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