Men's Natural Tungsten Turquoise, Antler, Sandalwood Ring

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Men's natural turquoise, antler, sandalwood ring with comfort fit design.  

    • Tungsten
    • Comfort Fit - Slightly domed on the inside of the band resulting in a very comfortable fit, there will be no edges grinding into your finger.
    • The ring contains Genuine Turquoise, Genuine Deer Antler and Genuine Sandalwood inlays.

About Tungsten 
    • Tungsten is one of the hardest substances on the Planet Earth
    • Measures between 8 & 9 on the Mohs Hardness scale, Diamonds are a 10.  Four times harder than titanium.
    • Tungsten signifies strength, tenacity and hardness.
    • Tungsten  does not scratch, dent or chip, will always look new and does not need polishing.
    • Lasts decades, not years.
    • Finish is similar to platinum or rhodium


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