About Us

We originally started back in 2011 as a small vintage shop.  The goal was to find fair and reasonably priced jewelry and not break their bank.  We have jewelry for engagement, weddings, anniversaries, red carpet and any other holiday or event you can think of.  We are not manufacturers, but we sell from over 400 creative, family owned and some larger companies from all over the world. We have always sought out ethically-mined and innovative practices and materials. 

Thanks to so many loyal clients we quickly grew and now are one of the largest online boutiques in the world.  We still treat our clients like family, have fun coming to work and are happiest when we make your dreams a reality. 

  • White Glove Returns/Exchanges
  • Courtesy "Holds" & Layaways
  • Military Discounts & Students - 15% always
Live help desk available on the shop.  After hours, just leave a message and we will return as soon as we can.  Please be mindful of time zones as we support a global clientele.